The Platform is Critical To Application Infrastructure

Chris Baker from Oracle talks about how the platform is critical and that application providers need to carefully craft the architecture of their platform.

Chris Baker
Senior Vice President, Global ISV/OEM Sales, Oracle Corporation

Chris Baker is the Global Head of ISV/OEM Sales responsible for working with ISV/OEM partners to maximise Oracle's business through those partners, whilst maximising those partner's business to their end users.

Prior to this role Chris was a member of Oracle’s EMEA Management Team and Senior Vice President with responsibility for Oracle’s core technology business.

Chris joined Oracle in January 1997 holding a number of senior management positions, including Senior Vice President for its Technology License Business across the UK, Ireland and Israel. Vice President and Head of Oracle’s Consulting Practice for its operations in the UK, Ireland and South Africa and Vice President for Oracle’s Application and Technology products in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. Additionally he was UK Director for the Support Organisation within Oracle.

Before joining Oracle, Baker worked at Digital Equipment Company for 13 years, most recently as the UK Sales Director responsible for the company's outsourcing business.

Baker is a qualified civil engineer and holds a BSc in civil engineering from Dundee University. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years.