More Data In The Cloud Means More Business Opportunities

Jamal Mazhar from Kaavo talks about how more data is becoming available in the cloud and there are increasingly more business opportunities because of this.

Jamal Mazhar
CEO & Founder, Kaavo

Jamal Mazhar is founder and CEO of Kaavo, a leader in application-centric management for Cloud Computing. Jamal possesses more than 17 years of experience in technology, engineering and consulting with a range of Fortune 500 companies including General Electric Capital and ING U.S. Financial Services. Prior to starting Kaavo, he established technology infrastructure and product development operations in India for a Canadian business analytics startup.

Previously, Mr. Mazhar managed integration, development and continual improvements to IT assets while working at ING. He established ING’s “Center of Excellence for B2B” which streamlined $2 billion per month in electronic money transfer operations. As Lead Architect at GE Capital e-Business team, Mr. Mazhar directed analysis and implementation efforts and improved the performance of the website generating more than $1 billion in annual lease revenues. At Trilogy Software, an innovative technology company, Mr. Mazhar provided technical and managerial expertise for several large scale e-business implementation projects for companies such as Boeing, NCR, Gartner, British Airways, Qantas Airways, and Alltel.

Mr. Mazhar earned his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.