Business Intelligence Is Now Available To Companies of All Sizes

Mark Cunningham, Founder & CEO of Indicee talks about how BI has traditionally required a ton of resources was limited to larger enterprises and today businesses of all sizes can access the data they need.

Mark Cunningham
Founder & CEO, Indicee

Mark is a thought leader and entrepreneur who’s committed to using technology for good, not evil. Current Founder & CEO of cloud business intelligence (BI) company Indicee, Mark’s been involved in the BI industry since 1991, when his family business began building the Crystal line of reporting products. Following Crystal’s acquisition, Mark went on to launch several new ventures, building an enviable customer list along the way, including Nike, Pfizer, Xerox, Microsoft and Nortel. Mark is a strong advocate of cloud computing who brings a unique perspective on how IT delivery and BI has changed over the last 20 years.