AppFirst Monitoring Applications and Big Data in the Cloud

David Roth, CEO and co-founder of AppFirst tells us how technology makes it easier than ever to pull operational data from our applications.

David Roth
CEO and co-founder, AppFirst

David brings more than 20 years of experience leading organizations and leveraging partnerships for building successful companies. He sets the AppFirst strategic direction and guides the day-to-day business execution. Prior to AppFirst, David was CEO at Trigence (now AppZero), an application virtualization company, where he established the company’s success with quarter over quarter revenue growth through enterprise adoption and closed two rounds of venture capital. In 2003, David took on the role of Vice President, Services and Business Development at Consera, an IT automation company. As the Founder and CEO of Stratis Group, David built teams that drove the growth of this eBusiness B2B solutions company throughout the late 1990s.