2012 CODiE Winner - Flexera Software

David Znidarsic, Vice President of Technology at Flexera Software, explains the main contributing factors to the success of FlexNet as Best Asset Management Solution.

FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is a comprehensive and proven solution for software asset management, Enterprise License Optimization and software license compliance management. It helps organizations maintain continous license compliance, reducing software audit liability risk, and reduce ongoing costs for software licenses and maintenance.

It provides:
- Discovery, Inventory and applications recognition across multiple platforms (Windows, UNIX, Linux, MAC OS); supports the ISO 19770-2 software identification tagging standard. This allows organizations to know exactly what they have in their IT environment.
- Helps automate the licenses purchased versus software installed license reconciliation process using the built in Stock Keepiing Unit (SKU) library. SKUs, found on software purchase orders, define exactly what was purchased and how it was bought (purchase agreement type). The FlexNet Manager Platform uses SKUs to automatically link purchases to installed inventory.
- FlexNet Manager Suite optimization solutions provide a Product Use Rights Library that contains vendor specific license entitlement information that is used to reduce license consumption and therefore reduce software costs.
- Flexera's Workflow Manager product helps automate and enforce best practice software asset management processes to improve data accuracy and improve operational efficiency.
- Business Intelligence capabilities built into the Platform help organizations better forecast future software needs.