ISVs Moving To The Cloud Need To Look Carfefully At How They Are Going To Re-invent Themeselves

Frits Veltink from SaaS Energy talks about how ISVs have to look carefully at how they are going re-invent their business model.

Frits Veltink
Managing Director, SaaS Energy

Mr F. (Frits) Veltink
Frits Veltink takes an business leadership role in the international Software and Services business (SaaS). In his carreer he developed a strong sense and focus on the added value of IT for businesses. He build a track record in diverse sales & marketing and management roles within the software branche ( IBM environment) and outsourcing ( BSO/Origin). Since 1999 He became an entrepreneur in the internet space by setting up and growing Siennax , Siennax Learning Services and recently SaaSplaza , a market place bringing together ISV’s and Solution Partners for the transparent delivery of software as a service on a global scale. Where he was as well responsible for the US operations in San Diego . This with a strong focus on the Microsoft Dynamics world.
After SaaSplaza he founded SaaS Energy, supporting ISV’s, Solution Providers, Distributors & ISV start-ups in their transition and accelaration towards a service oriented business model.
Frits served for two year as the European Chairman of Comptia's Software Services Group for Europe, formerly the ASP Industry Consortium a global advocacy group promoting the ASP industry. Within the global Microsoft Incubation S+S program he is seen as a leading partner in driving the awareness and readiness of the Microsoft S+S partner community.