The Resumator: Hire With More Confidence

Don Charlton, CEO & Founder of The Resumator talks about how the cloud allows application providers to deliver highly scalable services and achieve customer success by partnering with your customers.

Don Charlton
CEO & Founder, The Resumator

Don Charlton is an interactive experience expert and entrepreneur living in Pittsburgh, PA. His latest venture is as Founder & CEO of The Resumator, an online software platform that helps fast-growing companies attract, engage and hire brilliant people.

Don blended his love of art with computer programming to earn a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1999, immediately being thrust into designing and programming for the Web after college. Over the next decade, he established himself as an award-winning interactive designer, software developer and inspirational public speaker.

In 2009, Don designed, built and launched, which today has raised nearly $1 million in investment, employs nearly 20 people and recently earned a spot on Entrepreneur magazine’s list of 100 Brilliant Companies.