Packaging Big Data in a Easy-To-Understand Format For Business Users

George K. Mathew, President and Chief Operating Officer at Alteryx, Inc. talks about how they help data artists gather the right information from Big Data and package it in a easy-to-understand format.

George K. Mathew
President and Chief Operating Officer, Alteryx, Inc.

George oversees marketing, products, and strategy for Alteryx. He brings over 16 years of executive leadership experience in enterprise technology, software-as-a-service, and ecommerce. George’s broad experience is helping to further accelerate exponential growth at Alteryx, while the business enjoys the highest customer success rate in the industry. Previously, George was the group vice-president & general manager for Business Intelligence (BI) at SAP BusinessObjects where he led the BusinessObjects Explorer team, and before that managed SAP’s portfolio strategy in the Office of the CEO. Prior to SAP, George was an early member of He was also a founding member of Fort Point Partners, a management consultancy that delivered large-scale e-commerce systems.